Our bodies ability to tolerate differing motions is a vital part of our physical wellbeing.

Often in our daily routines, we are creatures of habit. This may be when we sit and watch TV, read a book, drive a car, or work at the computer. These movement habits can bec...

I’m a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete. I’m not great at it yet ... but I show up.


I started in my late 20's after spending my early 20's getting unfit.


Like many people who train and compete in the grappling arts, I have to manage what some might call a ‘bad back'. It'...

A major study* shows that at least 44% of people with back pain can 'centralise' their back pain. If they are guided through a specific process that I'll describe in this post ...

... which is why it might just be one of the most important posts you read about the f...

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