Miranda was first drawn to Osteopathy because of its holistic approach to assessing the body and the influence treatment can have on an individual’s overall health. Rather than just managing the symptoms, she is focused on treating the underlying cause of the pain to provide long-lasting relief for her patients.


Miranda graduated from Victoria University in Melbourne and has experienced working in an orthopaedic hospital in India where she was exposed to treating both pre and post-surgical cases whilst working with a team of Surgeons, Radiologists and Physiotherapists. She has also spent time working out of an Osteopathic clinic in Adelaide, gaining experience treating office workers, pregnancy-related complaints and age-related aches and pains.


Previously Miranda has worked as a Personal Trainer instructing and creating unique exercise programs for a variety of individual goals. She is affiliated with an elite men’s cycling team and has experience in treating and managing sporting related injuries for both athletes and weekend warriors alike.


Using a wide range of treatment techniques and approaches such as joint mobilisation, gentle manipulation, dry needling, muscle energy techniques and soft tissue release, she can treat a variety of conditions and achieve optimal results. She believes that being healthy and active can help with the prevention and re-occurrence of many injuries.


Miranda thinks it's important to explain things clearly during treatments, after all, knowledge is power. She happily works with you as a team to achieve the best outcome and will refer appropriately when other interventions are required.



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