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I have a keen interest in all things related to health care. I aim to provide a space where all elements of modern-day 'peak performance' can be integrated. Whether it be integrating care with your GP, Exercise Physiologist, Psychologist, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Personal Trainer, Pilates Trainer or Wellness Coach of any kind, I will liaise and plan an appropriate interaction to suit your needs.


Each persons' needs vary, depending on things such as the type of injury, your previous medical history, your lifestyle and your diet. As a result of this, each person requires their own network of support. If Osteopathy could be a part of that I will provide my best treatment I can, If Osteopathy is not suited for you, then I will ensure you receive referrals to the appropriate health care professional that best suits your needs for where you are at in your current health journey.


I believe as a primary contact health professional it is my duty to ensure each person is receiving the most appropriate care for their condition and goals. 




*Online bookings not available. Please call 0425 876 929.




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