Working from home?

With all the changes going on currently, a lot of us are now working from home offices.
This often means we often aren’t looking out for ourselves from a postural perspective.
This short video details some things to watch when working from a hom...

Back pain can have many causes and aggravating factors, footwear being one you may not have considered.

For example, high heels may alter foot, ankle and knee mechanics contributing to the position and load on the lower back. Thongs on the other hand are extremely...

A question we get asked a lot in the clinic relating to pregnancy pain, is who do I see? Do I talk to my GP, do I speak to my midwife, or can an osteopath help me?

For pressing medical complaints you should always seek help from your GP. Below is a short list of s...

As promised, see below for my top 5 pregnancy stretches!

This is general advice only, please check with your osteopath before doing any of these exercises.

In case you missed the earlier email, my name is Jayde, I’m an Osteopath who has recently joined the team at Integrated Sports & Spinal Clinic. If you have had the chance to meet me, you would have noticed I also have a baby on board!

Being my first pregnancy, I am...

When it comes to using cold or heat on an injury or to help with pain relief, it can be confusing as to which one you should choose.

Some people will tell you ice is best, others will tell you heat is best, and some will say not to use anything, and let the body do...

You may have seen this coloured tape on a player in a sporting match you watched, a competitor in the local running race, or even a family member with an injury….So what is it?

Kinesiology tape, sometimes referred to as ‘K-tape’, Kinesio ä Tape, Rock Tape, or variou...

When it comes to recovering from pain or an injury, I strongly believe movement should form a large part of the recovery.

Whether that is in the form of gentle movements, walking, continuing to engage in activities you are already doing, or taking up new activities...

A vast majority of us aren’t getting enough oxygen into our lungs through our daily breath. This is largely due to shallow breathing or breath holding which forms part of a habit. This affects us because breathing is a core element to us staying alive but also infl...

Our bodies ability to tolerate differing motions is a vital part of our physical wellbeing.

Often in our daily routines, we are creatures of habit. This may be when we sit and watch TV, read a book, drive a car, or work at the computer. These movement habits can bec...

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