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Yoga for Back Pain Relief - WORKSHOP Series

Workshop series - run over 3 consecutive Tuesday nights WHEN: Tuesday 5th September 2017 7pm to 8pm Tuesday 12th September 2017 7pm to 8pm Tuesday 19th September 2017 7pm to 8pm WHERE: Location: Boheme and Body Wellness Shala (at Christine’s Corner) 26/221 Christine Ave, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227 COST: Cost: $75 total per person for all 3 workshops - payable upon booking Limited numbers (20ppl) These workshops are suitable for: - People with lower back muscular discomfort and pain - People that end the day with a sore back and don't know what to do - People that wake up with a sore back and find it hard to get going in the morning - People that want to take responsibility for their own body and give it some love and attention for all that it does for them day in, day out. - People that want some additional tools and techniques to use to add to the couple of stretches they know - People who’s Osteopath has recommended they start yoga or regular stretching at home - People who have a very sedentary job or lifestyle and know they need to be moving their body more - Integrated Sports and Spinal Clients and their friends and family What you will get out of it: - Guidance from an Experienced Exercise Physiologist and Yoga teacher - Access to and Integrated Sports and Spinal Osteopath as well to ask questions - A better understanding of the importance of your breath - Use of breath to centre into your body and relieve tension - Gentle Spinal mobility exercises - Hip flexor, hamstring, quadriceps, glutes stretches - Guided relaxation - Postural awareness and control - Use of Bhandas (energy locks) within the body for stability - Supported stretches for deeper release of muscular tension - Use of trigger point balls for additional release of muscular tension and discomfort - Take home 10 minute sequence of stretches that you will be confident doing on your own at home


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