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TMJ Disorder Dysfunction

Have you ever had your jaw “click” regularly, or had pain in your jaw or neck that has lasted more than 48 hours after receiving dental work?

An incredibly common and often overlooked problem in people is clicking or pain in their jaw

referred to as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJ . This is where the jaw is not moving properly and can lead to sensations of clicking or aching around the jaw or facial muscles. It can also lead to symptoms of neck pain, headaches and even snoring.

TMJ problems can arise from poor posture, post-dental work or grinding your teeth due to stress or anxiety. The issue is the longer the TMJ is not functioning correctly, the worse the symptoms will get.

This is where osteopath can help!

Dr Simon Tasker has in-depth clinical experience treating people with TMJ problems, using

techniques in and around the jaw, to get to the root of the cause. It will be of great benefit to you with treating your aches, pains and clicks. If you have had any of these problems, now is the time to get it treated. You will be doing yourself a real favour.

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