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Do you know that low back pain can be associated with your internal organs?

Issues with the gastro-intestinal system (stomach and intestines), the renal system (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra) and the reproductive system (prostate, ovaries, uterus) can all produce back pain. These symptoms commonly include sudden muscle tension or spasm, stiffness and pain. You will notice that we osteopaths complete a thorough history taking during your examination and you may wonder why we inquire about such things as your digestion, family history, diet and toiletry habits. Here is why: To identify and treat the cause of your back pain…not just the symptoms. If the source of your back pain is originating from some dysfunction of your internal organs, other associated symptoms will usually exist. These may include changes in bowel movements, an increased need to urinate, altered sexual function, abdominal pain/bloating/cramping, changes in appetite or irregular/painful menstruation for women. If required, additional medical investigations can be arranged with the help of your practitioner. Whatever the case, discovering and addressing the root of your pain is the main priority and rest assured you are in good hands to returning to health and happiness.

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