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Headaches & Migranes

Headaches and migraines are one of the most common neurological problems people suffer from. They can present as pain in different locations such as behind the eye, base of the skull, in front of the ears, or all-over the head.

A common cause of these head aches and pains can come from tension in your neck! This tension can arise from deskwork, lifestyle stress, poor sleep patterns and lifting objects to name a few. So what can you do about it? Dr Simon Tasker has extensive experience helping with these symptoms, using a variety of techniques to reduce muscle tension, improve blood supply to the neck and head, reduce neck stiffness and improve desk ergonomics. These all can greatly reduce the symptoms of headaches so you can forget about your pain and enjoy your life. Come in and see the difference it makes yourself. Book an appointment with Dr Simon to find relief for those annoying, irritable headaches. Your body will thank you for it! Call 0425 876 929 or book online here!


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