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Tension Headaches

Approximately 85% of the population have a headache each year and to further that around 40% will have had a headache in the past 2 weeks.

Headaches are a symptom and can be caused by numerous things and that is why it is important to get headaches checked out by a health care professional such as an osteopath or GP, some of these causes are more sinister and require further investigation however most can be managed by conservative treatment.

The most common types of headache which present to us are tension type headaches. These headaches are often due to overuse of the scalp muscles. This can be caused by stress, grinding, clenching your jaw or even your posture at work.

Another cause can be associated with the upper segments of the spine and associated joints; these areas can then refer pain into the head, causing headaches. Techniques such as stretching, massage and manipulation have been shown to aid in the management these types of headaches.

As headaches are multifactorial in origin, here at Osteopath Central we will work through a detailed history to get to the bottom of your headaches so you will leave with an appropriate management plan. This may include ideas on managing stress, your diet, desk ergonomics or other lifestyle changes.

So if you are suffering from headaches or know someone else who is, give the clinic a call and book in with either myself or one of the other osteopaths in here at Osteopath Central to get it checked out at get those annoying headaches sorted.

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