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In following on from out talks on headaches and jaw function I wanted to share with you an app that I personally use regularly and find a fantastic way to help clear my mind and reduce stress/tension and improve focus.

I first came across this app four years ago when working with some AFL players whom were struggling on game day in front of big crowds kicking for goals. In practice they would kick at 90% but come game day they couldn’t hit the side of a barn. They started using mindfulness to help focus on being in the moment and not being caught up in letting the mind race around everything else that is going on. They were having some great results so I decided to give it a go. Lets face it in todays society of smart phones and the internet we are always focusing on numerous things at the same time. I loved it and still use it regularly today.

Teams such as the Australian Cricket team have since started using it to help while fielding as not to miss that crucial catch by training the mind to focus in and then relax. Its also been implemented in numerous work places and schools around Australia with mindfulness becoming a real ‘buzz’ word. I don’t think it needs to be complex though and that’s why I like this app, it even has sections specifically made for kids of all ages.

Research into mindfulness mediation has been shown to assist with the management of pain and stress coupled with helping with improved focus.

Check out ‘Smiling Minds’ a non-for profit organisation that has created a free app for self guided meditation. It has been downloaded over a million times and has partnerships with big companies such as Beyond Blue, Cricket Australia and Reach Out. It also has numerous high profile ambassadors of whom you will recognise and can check out on the website.

I personally love the 7 minute mediation you can do in your lunch break as a great way to reset half way through the day. Check out the site and let us know what you think of the site/app.

Until next time, yours in good health,

Daniel Wood (Osteopath Central)

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