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Ribs - Pain Underneath the Shoulder

Rib pain underneath Shoulder

What is that pinch behind my shoulder blades?

Pinching in behind shoulder blades can stem from a variety of causes including tension leading to stiffness in the ribs at the level of your shoulder blades. Ribs are meant to move as we breath, so any stiffness can cause a "pinch" or an "ache".

This can lead to an uncomfortable sensation of a night time in behind the shoulder when you are trying to sleep. When the stiffness in the ribs lingers, it can lead to shoulder pain, restriction of shoulder movement, and can slow down the healing process of muscle aches and pains.

Osteopathically we can:

  • Restore motion to the shoulder

  • Mobilise ribs

  • Increase breathing capacity

Increasing rib function restores balance to the breathing mechanism making it work more efficiently and effectively. This assists the body in becoming dynamic to situations where it is needed and assists in all areas of life.

If you have this annoying niggle or would like a breathing assessment, call the clinic to make an appointment with Dr Simon Tasker or you can BOOK ONLINE HERE.

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