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Cooling Down after exercise with Gemma

Cooling down after a workout is just as important as warming up as it aims to bring your blood pressure and body temperature back down to normal. It is better for your body to ease itself back to normal rather than stopping abruptly. Cooling down also regulates blood flow and aids in the process of clearing lactic acid that builds up during your workout which can help to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). The recommendation of an ideal cool down is low intensity activity to slowly decrease heart rate and blood pressure, as well as static stretching to increase flexibility and range of movement.

If you have just completed exercises such as running, cycling and swimming, doing 5-10 minutes of lower intensity activity of the same exercise can help start your cool down. Alternatively, a 5-10 minute walk is also ideal after general exercise.

After a workout, it is also recommended to stretch the muscles you have used in a static stretch. Static stretching after a workout can help increase flexibility, and because your muscles are already warm the risk of injury to muscles is greatly decreased. By increasing flexibility of muscles and joints, you are helping to improve overall range of movement.

Follow along and cool down with Osteopath Gemma, from Integrated Sports and Spinal Clinic. If you would like further guidance or a more individualised cool down specific to your needs please book into the clinic on 0425 876 929.


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