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Running Evaluation with Osteopath Daniel Wood

Are you booked in for a Running Evaluation at the clinic with Daniel? Here is what you will need to do...

In order to get the most out of the time you spend with me, we get you to pre-record your running so I can have already had your gait analysed by the time you walk into the clinic.

Using your smart phone, film 2 videos of you running, using the below instructions as a template:


1st video total length around 15 seconds

- From behind and front on. These can be done in one video

- Camera must be held in landscape/ horizontal position

- Make sure camera steady and can see entire body

- Run 10 meters away turn and run back towards camera



- Camera must be held horizontal

- Make sure camera steady and can see entire body

- Camera at least 3 meters away from side on

- Don’t follow with camera as run, keep camera still facing straight ahead

- Get into normal running pattern of camera so you are in normal stride as you run through



- DO NOT video in portrait view (please use landscape/horizontal view)

- DO NOT just video your legs (I need to see how your whole body is functioning)

- DO NOT video on and angle (need to be directly behind and side on so can measure angles)

- DO NOT video for long periods (keep short around 15 secs) otherwise won’t be able to email


Upload video onto YouTube with setting on unlisted as so can only be viewed with a direct link to

video. I have attached a how to video below

Send through links to videos to Once I have downloaded video you can then delete the video off your account.

What to bring to your consultation:

  • Running gear so can easily move and be assessed biomechanically

  • Runners

  • Have a think about what your goals are for running (eg 5km fun run, half marathon, run 20 mins

  • without stopping)

  • If you have one bring along your current training program you are following

If you have any questions please give me a call in at the clinic on 0425 876 929.


Daniel Wood


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