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What are your daily routines doing to your body?

Our bodies ability to tolerate differing motions is a vital part of our physical wellbeing.

Often in our daily routines, we are creatures of habit. This may be when we sit and watch TV, read a book, drive a car, or work at the computer. These movement habits can become hardwired into our tolerable ranges of motion. So when we challenge differing ranges of motion that our body is unaccustomed to, this new load doesn’t do as we ask it to, sometimes leading to discomfort and pain.

'Variety is the spice of life' is an easy way to think of body movement. Adam covers some typical patterns we see in the clinic and suggests some ways to introduce variety into our habits. A simple concept, but its often a huge part of why someone is presenting to our clinic in pain or is experiencing dysfunctional movement patterns.

If you have any questions or would like more information, come into the clinic for a one on one consultation. Keep an eye out later this week for another related informational video from one of our other Osteopath here at Integrated Sports and Spinal Clinic.

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