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Sleep is an important aspect of our lives, It helps physically, mentally, emotionally and gives us energy for the following day.

People generally sleep for recommended 7-9 hours a night, however the quality can be less than ideal due to poor habits before bed, an active mind waking us during the night or disrupted sleep.

Here are some helpful tools which can help get a better quality sleep:

Going to Bed at an earlier time

Aiming for that 7-9 hours as our body needs

Night time routine

Dimming lights as the afternoon/night progresses to get our mind reads your for sleep and making this a routine night time pattern.

Try using softer/warmer light colours of an evening and avoiding tv/devices 30-60 mins prior to bed

For an overactive mind: Journalling prior to bed

Creating a list of upcoming tasks/stressors on a piece of paper

Free form journalling where you are expressing yourself writing to clarify your mind

Voice Recording yourself into your phone about what you are thinking/feeling

Using guided relaxation/meditation apps




Smiling Mind

Listening to rain or gentle music as you fall asleep with fade out alarm when your asleep

There are a number of sources from white noise machines

YouTube white noise

A number of apps

Deep, slow belly breathing prior to bed

Breath in for 4secs, hold for 4secs, breath out over 4secs, hold out for for secs.

Try having a longer duration of out breath vs in breath

Reducing stress where possible

If you would like to discuss these techniques further, feel free to mention it next time you’re in the clinic.


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