Simon studied for 5 years at Southern Cross University with a Bachelor in Clinical Science and a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine, majoring in Osteopathic Medicine and Human Structure and Function. Simon is also a massage therapist which he combines with osteopathic techniques to give a holistic approach to the body.


He has an avid interest in treating headaches, jaw pain/clicking, neck pain and postural related injuries or pain. He has had a lot of success in removing these aches and pains even for long-standing conditions.


Simon has been a running athlete for many years giving him an insight into the rigours, strains and pains associated with long and short distance running. Also having a strong sporting background (tennis and soccer) assists in treating a range of injuries with a personalised management plan and treatment for a faster recovery.


Simon utilises up-to-date techniques to be able to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Treatments may include gentle joint manipulation (HVLA), massage, muscle energy techniques, indirect techniques and joint mobilisation. It may also include a desk ergonomic/postural and motion assessment as well as the use of 3D graphics technology for you to better understand your condition.


He also works closely with General Practitioners, Exercise Physiologists and Radiology clinics where needed to provide the best care and management possible.


Simon is available for appointments 5 days a week including after-work hours.




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