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I am passionate about health, wellness and optimising body functionality. The management strategy towards wellness is through hands-on treatment and supportive education.

 I have a particular interest in:

-Treating through all stages of pregnancy from newly pregnant (first trimester) through to birth (prenatal)
- Postpartum (including post labour/birth, return to exercise)
- Pregnancy pillow available during treatment for extra comfort
- Education around pregnancy-related changes throughout the course of your pregnancy
- Preparing for birth

Breast health
- Breast Feeding (Mastitis, Blocked ducts, Breast engorgement)
- Post-surgical scar lines (including mastectomy/lumpectomy/reduction/augmentation)
- Breast pain (cyclic and non-cyclic) - (known as Mastodynia/Mastalgia)
- Areas of numbness/nerve damage
- Hands-on treatment
- Self-massage/care education

- Tension Headaches
- Stress headaches
- Neck-related Headaches

Jaw pain/clicking
- Recent clicks/aches
- Long-term clicking
- Jaw locking/freezing

Anxiety/panic attacks
- Stress coping strategies
- Breathing retraining
- Sleeping management strategies
Your treatment may consist of the following:
- Myofascial and lymphatic techniques
- Osteopathic massage/techniques 
- Soft tissue techniques 
- Joint manipulation
- Dry needling
- Breathing and/or motion assessment
- Education and symptom management
I have appointments 5 days a week including before work hours.

If you would like a chat about what we do or how we can help you, give us a call and we would be happy to assist you.



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