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Jayde's tips for a happy & relaxed pregnancy

In case you missed the earlier email, my name is Jayde, I’m an Osteopath who has recently joined the team at Integrated Sports & Spinal Clinic. If you have had the chance to meet me, you would have noticed I also have a baby on board!

Being my first pregnancy, I am blown away by how the body changes to accommodate for a growing baby! I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant and have found depending on the stage of pregnancy your exercise routine and osteopathic treatment and can vary greatly.

In saying this, I thought I would share some general information that have helped me stay relaxed and happy throughout my pregnancy.

Pregnancy vitamins

During my first and second trimester I was extremely sick and unfortunately wasn’t able to keep down much food at all, including pregnancy vitamins. Once I started feeling better I presumed it was too late to start the vitamins however, since taking them I have noticed a big difference in my energy levels. If you’re not already taking pregnancy vitamins, speak to your GP, pharmacist or naturopath about taking the right vitamins for you.


I have found the further you get along in pregnancy the harder it is to get a sound nights sleep. My biggest tip is to find a position that is comfortable for you! Everybody is so difference! I felt most comfortable on my back, right up until 35 weeks! Then the breathlessness kicked in, I have since started sleeping on my side and have found placing a small pillow between my knees has assisted me in a more restful sleep, with less aches and pains in my lower back and legs.


As I mentioned earlier, depending on what trimester you are in, your exercise routine may vary greatly! As a Pilates instructor I had always thought I would be doing daily Pilates classes when I fell pregnant. Unfortunately, that went out the window with all the sickness! But the main thing is you are staying active. I believe walking is un-believably underrated when it comes to exercise! Now in my third trimester, walking is really all the only exercise I have had space for. In saying this, my body feels so much better for it! I enjoy walking barefoot on the beach and appreciating all its beauty, it also gives me a chance to clear my mind and connect with my baby.

If you would like to continue exercising when pregnant, make sure you book into with a professional who has done extra training to work with pregnant women, as there are many exercises which are contraindicated during pregnancy.

Osteopathic treatment

Just like exercise, your Osteopathic treatment may also look different depending on how far along you are in the pregnancy. My first few osteo appointments focused on my upper back and neck, as I had lots of pain from the constant sickness whereas recently, we focused more on my pelvis as this area was giving me some trouble. Just like a usual osteopathic consult there are a wide range of techniques used during treatment ranging from soft tissue techniques, muscle energy techniques and joint mobilisation/ manipulation. The important thing is you feel comfortable with the treatment approach. Your osteopath will keep checking in with you throughout the treatment and it is important to know you can say no to any techniques that make you feel un-easy.


Keep an eye out for our next email containing my top 5 stretches before bedtime!

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