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Pregnancy - who can help me?

A question we get asked a lot in the clinic relating to pregnancy pain, is who do I see? Do I talk to my GP, do I speak to my midwife, or can an osteopath help me? For pressing medical complaints you should always seek help from your GP. Below is a short list of symptoms where you should talk to your GP ASAP:

  • Upper Right belly pain

  • Significant sudden weight gain over the last 1-2 days

  • Peeing significantly less or not at all

  • Severe sudden headaches

  • Dizziness

  • Severe vomiting or Severe nausea

  • Visual changes or disturbances

  • Baby not moving

With growing a baby comes a set of changes in your body that influences the way you move and function. This leads to common areas of pain including; lower back, hip, groin, a difficulty in breathing, having fluid retention in hands or feet. If you have any concerns about your pregnancy along the way, you should speak to your midwife/obstetrician. Osteopathically we can assist in alleviating some of those aches and pains, to make your pregnancy journey more comfortable for you and your baby. Feel free to give our osteopaths a call and have a chat with how we can help you and your needs. We can treat at any stage your pregnancy including post-partum with modified techniques/positions to assist you.

To book your consultation CLICK HERE or call us on 0425 876 929

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