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Gemma Ahrens

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Gemma’s interest in Osteopathy began at a young age, when a back injury impacted her budding career as an aerialist/circus performer. This injury led her to discover osteopathy and she never looked back. She became passionate about helping others who are in pain and get them back into doing what they love.

After recovering from her injury, she continued aerial as a hobby and pursued her career in Osteopathy. She understands first hand how difficult it can be when pain is restricting us and works to determine and treat the root cause for her patients problems.

Gemma has completed her bachelor of clinical sciences and masters in osteopathic medicine which has given her the knowledge and practical skills to aid in the treatment and management of her patients and the conditions they present with. She believes that each treatment should be individualised to the person, as every person and condition is unique.

Gemma uses a wide range of osteopathic techniques and her treatment style will vary depending on what she believes is the best approach for you. She will always discuss with you what treatment she believes will work best for you and take into account what treatment styles you prefer. This way she is able to find the best approach for each patient.



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