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What typically happens inside a consult time?


A typical consultation will include a private and detailed medical history, discussions about your health care (and who is currently on your health care team). Your medical history and current complaint information are then compiled with a  movement and safety testing procedures that are specific to your complaint. We then inform you of your treatment choices. Provided Osteopathy is an appropriate choice a hands-on consultation will follow. These hands-on techniques may include gentle joint manipulation, soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisations and a range of more indirect osteopathic techniques which aim to assist your movement and recovery. Advice for home and self-care guidance helps ensure you leave with a thorough understanding of what is happening to your body and set your expectations in a suitable place for your healing or peak performance timeframes. 


Every consultation at our clinic is a two-way process. It is your health-care after all and please bring any questions or concerns with you to discuss with your Osteopath. If we do not have the answer we have an amazing team of healthcare professionals we will specifically refer you to. This way you can take the best action in a timely manner. 


We look forward to getting to know you. Call 0425876929 or click through to the book online function if this sounds like an approach that will suit you. 




Nothing ever happens as a surprise in your treatment as we continually ask your permission along the way as we inform you as to what's happening. So if you don’t like manipulation or trigger point dry needling, then there are always more tools in the toolbox. So not to worry, your treatment will still be adapted to your personal requirements!

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