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Core Stability

1. Core activation - TA (Transversus Abdominus)

Activating your “core muscles” does not mean tensing your abs (abdominals), it is using the muscles underneath and the deepest level.

This can be felt by placing a hand behind your back when laying down and bringing your bellybutton towards your spine (or towards the floor). You should feel the muscle tense up in your back.

If you have a strained voice when using the muscles, chances are you are using your abs instead of the the TA. If this happens relax and start again.

2. Exercise for TA

Bring your belly button towards your spine and hold for 15 seconds.

After this time, stop and relax for 5 seconds.

Repeat 3 times in total.

This should all be done without straining your voice if you spoke and should be done on the out breath.

3. Progression - strengthening

Once the activation can be achieved lying down, then try the same activation exercise in the sitting position.

The progression from there is to activate the muscle when standing.

4. Purpose

Core (TA) activation can and should be used for daily activities including sitting on a chair at a desk, walking and lifting loads (especially large loads).

This is achieved by contracting your core muscle prior to any of these activities.

The use of the muscles will bring stability to your lower back and decrease strain/tension throughout your body and the continual use of your core will eventually become a natural instinct.

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